Individual Awards


All the participants will receive a Certificate of Participation. The top 40% of the participants will receive an Award Certificate and a medal (Gold for top 8%, Silver for next 12% and Bronze for next 20%).
Perfect scorers will receive a Perfect Score Award and S$100 cash each, up to a maximum of $5000 for all the perfect scorers. In the rare event when there are more than 50 perfect scorers, the $5000 will be divided among all the perfect scorers.
If there are no perfect scorers for the level, the top student for that level will receive the Top National Scorer award and $100 cash. 

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Team Awards


Team awards for each level are for schools only (not for private participants or educational centres). The top 3 or more schools (up to 10% of participating schools) will receive a trophy. As it is based on the total score of the top 10 students from each level, there is no need for the school to separate their students into teams. The highest scorer for each winning team will also receive a Top Team Scorer certificate.

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