SASMO is open to Primary and Secondary students from grades 2 to 11 from international and local schools. Each level of the contest has a different paper and contains 25 questions with two sections:
Section A:15 multiple choice sections (two points for each correct answer; no points for each unanswered question; one point deducted for each wrong answer).
Section B: Ten non-routine questions (four points for each correct answer; no penalty for wrong answers).
Total: 85 points (to avoid negative scores, each student will begin with 15 points).

Contest Levels

Grade 2 (Primary 2)
Grade 3 (Primary 3)
Grade 4 (Primary 4)
Grade 5 (Primary 5) 
Grade 6 (Primary 6) 
Grade 7 (Secondary 1) 
Grade 8 (Secondary 2) 
Grade 9 (Secondary 3) 
Grade 10 (Secondary 4)
Grade 11 (Secondary 5)
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